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Thank you for visiting my blog and thanks even more if you decide to follow :-) I really do enjoying doing it and love to share my projects with you all! In the village at last count I had 18 houses, 14 little roombox size shops, 3 half houses, and 1 half church (half being just a front!) there's also 1 quarter of a house (just half of a front lol) 2 market stalls, 3 market carts and beach huts on the beach although theres always seems to be room for just one more!

I also have a my 1st house a traditional Victorian manor which is very special as it was bought with money left to me by my beloved Nan. There's also my witches house and a witches shop. I also have a lovely Honeychurch house which is my Christmas shop and house and my latest venture a little vintage cottage. But the bulk of my property empire is Quayside, my little Cornish seaside village full of lovely individual cottages and all its wonderful residents. This has become a real labour of love and has turned me from a Dolls house fan into a complete and utter addict! The links below will take you to each of my houses and I especially hope you enjoy your visit to Quayside :-)

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Trolleys and shelves!

Firstly just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the comments you make I know I don't always get round to replying to them directly but I do read and appreciate every one of them so thanks very much! :-)

Ernie the tramps trolley arrived today its great at least he has somewhere to keep all his belongings safe now and a nice warm quilt for nights spent on the village bench! its very slightly on the large side the handle sits a bit high which is a shame cos its so cute just have to sit Ernie a bit away from it then it doesn't show so much!

Also been playing around with the fireplace liked it so much I took it all apart!! decided to glue it a bit better and make it a bit sturdier also glued some of the loose logs at the back in place. Added a couple of hooks for the kettle(needs painting black!) and the all important cauldron. Found that shredded baby wipe makes good cobwebs! made some shelves and a couple of jars of witchy ingredients needs some stuff on the shelves but need to get them to stay up 1st the blue tack or tacky wax dont really like the drift wood so they may need glued but will wait to get a sink 1st so I know where they are def going!

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  1. Wow, wow, wow - haven't been on your blog for a couple of weeks and am amazed at how much you have done. Love Ernie and the witches, you have such great ideas.
    What's this about another new house though? :D.