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Thank you for visiting my blog and thanks even more if you decide to follow :-) I really do enjoying doing it and love to share my projects with you all! In the village at last count I had 18 houses, 14 little roombox size shops, 3 half houses, and 1 half church (half being just a front!) there's also 1 quarter of a house (just half of a front lol) 2 market stalls, 3 market carts and beach huts on the beach although theres always seems to be room for just one more!

I also have a my 1st house a traditional Victorian manor which is very special as it was bought with money left to me by my beloved Nan. There's also my witches house and a witches shop. I also have a lovely Honeychurch house which is my Christmas shop and house and my latest venture a little vintage cottage. But the bulk of my property empire is Quayside, my little Cornish seaside village full of lovely individual cottages and all its wonderful residents. This has become a real labour of love and has turned me from a Dolls house fan into a complete and utter addict! The links below will take you to each of my houses and I especially hope you enjoy your visit to Quayside :-)

Monday, 17 December 2012

Moving everything around!!!

I have spent the whole weekend rearranging Dollyland to fit the new houses in. They were due to arrive today but the courier failed to collect them 2 days running last week which was a real pain not so much for me but really not fair on the lady selling who had been so good letting me get them collected. One complaint to the company and they are now being picked up tomorrow by Parcel Force and no extra cost so fingers crossed this time they will get collected! They wont get here til Friday now which is a killer lol I am so excited for them to come!

Anyway its given me time to have a good think about where they were going. I had to take out every house and put them all in the kitchen which was not fun! I still need to look inside some of them and put everything back in place! I had to lose my desk which was ok as I still have space to work. I also needed some thing else to sit them on. I realised the table I had Fairbanks on was exactly the same height as the other one I had in there so I have stolen that! The 2 tables are now across the back which actually has made the room feel much bigger.   It all seems to fit much better and just feels right now!

I have a nice big space waiting to be filled!

 My ever present little helper sneaked in the photo lol

I also had more room in the corner for the other cottage front I had which was on Ebay at the time so I ended it quickly thank goodness it didn't sell!!!

Coastguard cottage seems to work much better on the end!

 I can also now do a nice beach scene in front of Lavender next to the harbour.

The new occupants have arrived and need somewhere to live!!


  1. What a major task that must have been! Are the houses wired for electricity making the job harder?
    I had never noticed the harbour level before either which looks fantastic and should be even better with a beach scene.

    Fingers crossed for the safe arrival of your cottages.

    Now all you need is an island in the middle of the room with a lighthouse!

    1. Hi Christine! Funny you should say that I was laying in bed last night reading an old DHW mag and it had a lighthouse in and got me wondering where I could fit one in ha ha!! and yep all the houses were wired and there's one adapter per 2 houses so that's about 20 extension leads running along the back too so it was a nitemare!! xx