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Thank you for visiting my blog and thanks even more if you decide to follow :-) I really do enjoying doing it and love to share my projects with you all! In the village at last count I had 18 houses, 14 little roombox size shops, 3 half houses, and 1 half church (half being just a front!) there's also 1 quarter of a house (just half of a front lol) 2 market stalls, 3 market carts and beach huts on the beach although theres always seems to be room for just one more!

I also have a my 1st house a traditional Victorian manor which is very special as it was bought with money left to me by my beloved Nan. There's also my witches house and a witches shop. I also have a lovely Honeychurch house which is my Christmas shop and house and my latest venture a little vintage cottage. But the bulk of my property empire is Quayside, my little Cornish seaside village full of lovely individual cottages and all its wonderful residents. This has become a real labour of love and has turned me from a Dolls house fan into a complete and utter addict! The links below will take you to each of my houses and I especially hope you enjoy your visit to Quayside :-)

Sunday, 13 May 2012

A little more wallpapering! flowers and ovens!

Didn't do a huge amount yesterday as we are always out an about and at the weekend but Bethany was watching the Voice last night so couldn't resist a little fiddle!! I wallpapered the other door and quite pleased with it apart from one little bit at the bottom that doesn't match but I ran out of paper really didn't want to buy a whole other sheet just for that tiny bit so will live with it for now! I have had the Laura Ashely fabric curtains for ages and finally found somewhere to put them. The colour matched the paper just right so decided they would look nice and give the door a bit of interest!

I also papered the garden wall which tidies the yard up. I love the fuschia from DHE they are one of my favourite flowers!

I also added some roses at the side of the front door. The paper there was not great and it drove me mad! I was hoping I could redo it with the new sheet I ordered but the colour didn't match at all so decided to add the flowers so now you can't see it! I actually quite like it, it adds a little bit of colour. I also added the door handle which is lovely also from DHE, now I just need the letter box!!

I managed to get some batteries yesterday for the little Miele oven. The oven light comes on when you open the door and if you press the button the light comes on and it makes a fan oven sound.

The hob also lights up and make a bubbling pan sound. They are so cool lol I love them they are just great fun can't wait to see the washing machine!

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